Who Am I?

Office Worker, Counsellor, Truck Driver, Author, Previous Small Business Owner, Mother, Grandmother, Friend, Creative Designer, Machine Embroiderer, Gardener, Computer Geek and Intermediate Website Creator (oh and of course newest addition) “Blogger”

Linda Fenton, cc

Now that’s a tough one. I spent a few hours searching my computer for some introduction made about me before I gave one of my presentations and alas none were to be found – always trying to find the easy way. After 69 years on this earth, I am stumped as to what I should write here because I find the longer I am alive, the more I know that I don’t really have a clue about anything. Regardless, I will give it my best shot…

I was employed by the Yukon Government (YG) for just shy of 30 years with brief interruptions to that employment. During that time, I held many and varied positions in finance, admin., and IT. I took time outs from this employment to learn how to be a big rig truck driver and get out on the road for about 6 months. Also I moved back to Ontario from the Yukon more than once and then returned to the Yukon to once again work for YG. During 13 of the almost 30 years of my employment with YG, I also owned and operated a small business in Whitehorse called the Serenity Centre. Through online correspondence, I studied and obtained a certified counsellor diploma. At the Serenity Centre, our main focus was always to provide a listening ear to those who were struggling and otherwise could not afford support. We also sold motivational and inspirational gifts some of which I crafted. I have given inspirational presentations and recorded many self-help videos and audios which we also sold in the store. I left the Yukon in 2018 to retire to Alberta which is where I currently reside.

I was then, and still am now, passionate about helping others who are struggling but now I am discovering that I am also one of those strugglers. In my earlier years, I thought I had found some answers and had a good idea what life was all about but in these later years, I am not so sure anymore. So I am not allowing myself to drown in my own sorrows; I know the magic key is to stop focusing on myself and instead to reach out and do my best to support others – so here I am.

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