A reason to keep going. You just need one!

Today, I want to share with you how I came to start my blog.

For many years, deep inside, I always felt like I didn’t belong, didn’t fit in and I never really had a lot of friends. At times, I really did feel like there might be something wrong with me and I longed to have people care about me. I didn’t feel like I had the looks or the personality that would make others want to be with me. And it took me many years of suffering off and on to lead me to stand up on my own and dig deep enough inside to see even the tiniest crack of light. It was the pain and suffering that eventually cracked me wide open so that now instead of tiny cracks of light, I only have tiny cracks of darkness to continue to work on releasing.

I think, largely as a result of this, I developed a passion and a desire to support others that are suffering too. As uncomfortable as my childhood was, I see now very clearly that I needed to feel all of those sad and unhappy feelings, in order to help me understand others and have compassion for others that struggle. But as I have moved through the years of my life, I would have periods of almost total dedication to supporting others and then intervals of feeling like, “Who am I fooling? Why would anyone need my support?” There are so, so many others out there who are more qualified than me and certainly better at it then me and they have a lot more to offer so I would back off and just live my life until another motivator entered my existence.

And lo and behold, voila it happened again. Almost 3 weeks ago now, I was sitting at my computer thinking to myself, I am 69 years old. Is it too late to find something that will bring a new spark into my life? Am I too old to feel needed and wanted again like I sometimes did in my younger years? Is there anything that I can do at this late stage in my life to feel invigorated again, to feel that passion for life again? Can I find anyone that would hire me at this late stage in my life that will make me feel useful again and also give me added income? All these questioning thoughts were running through my mind and I wasn’t receiving any responses.

Sooooo, I did what I always used to do at my job when I needed an answer to a question. I turned to old faithful, my computer and Google! I typed in “What can I do with my life at 69 years old?” A lot of the time when I am searching for something online, I can be on for hours and not find exactly what I am looking for but this time was different. Within a matter of minutes, I found what felt exactly right for me. I found a site that is called “60 creative ways to make money in retirementMargaret Manning. And I started reading them, one-by-one but I was still feeling very discouraged until I hit number 9! “Consider Blogging” it said to me and it just hit me. It felt so right and I had the feeling that one doesn’t get too often in life, that this was what I was looking for. Not only did it have the potential for a bit of added income, but more importantly, it was an opportunity to maybe make a difference in someone’s life which in turn, would help me to once again feel wanted and needed. It seemed such a perfect fit. I could use all of my counselling skills and life’s experiences and share them with others.

So if you feel moved to do so, please help me confirm that I am on the right track. Dig around my blog – check my resource pages where among other things, you can download a copy of my book and also get a copy of one of my relaxation therapy recordings. As time passes, I plan to add a lot more of the resources that I have either gathered or created throughout the years. I have listed in my “What Can You Do for Yourself” page, a number of authors that have made a real difference in my life. I am also offering one-to-one personal chats so that if you just need someone to talk to, I will happily make myself available. You can make arrangements for a personal and private chat by contacting me either through a text or an email to book an appointment. There will be no charge, hidden or otherwise. I am not charging for any thing on my site and not because I don’t think my work is worthwhile but simply because I know from experience when one finds themselves in trouble emotionally, spiritually or physically, chances are pretty good that you are simultaneously experiencing financial issues as well. If you can afford to support any of my efforts to make a difference, I will gratefully accept a donation but again no requirement. (See below a link for a donation through my PayPal account.)

If you see anything on my site that I have offered so far that even remotely helps you, please leave me a comment, or click like and/or follow . Please, I am not just looking for positive feedback. I need constructive criticism as well. This just may be my last opportunity to do something worthwhile and I need your help to make sure I am going in the right direction.

Before I close, I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you for putting in an effort to look after yourself. (How do I know that that’s what you’re trying to do? You wouldn’t be on a site like mine, if that wasn’t the case.) It takes courage to look for and ask for help. Some live under the mistaken impression that asking for help is a sign of weakness, but it is the farthest thing from the truth. I have often heard myself say, when someone comes to me seeking support, it is not a burden – it is a privilege and a blessing, and it not only can elevate you but it elevates me, the listener too. Take care and enjoy the moment – onward and upward…

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    1. Thanks for pointing this out. After contacting tech support, it was discovered that in some cases, your browser cache needs to be cleared before the donation button will be visible to you. If you have any issues clearing your cache, please just let me know and I will be happy to help you. Thanks again and have a wonderful day!

  1. Your kind personality shines through in your writing, I think your blog will be very successful if you keep heading in your own direction and write what you feel – not that I would know, I’m new to this too and not fully sure of my own direction yet 🙂 Best of luck, following your journey.

    1. Thanks so much TasView! I really, really appreciate your kind words and encouragement. It helps me to stay the course and continue to work hard to share what ever is inside me that may benefit others and possibly improve what’s going on outside me too.

      And by the way, I checked out your pages – beautiful, beautiful and exquisite photography. A lot of your pictures make me feel that I am actually there. From what I know about Australia, I love it and hope to someday get there and see the beauty first hand. Take care TV and thanks again for taking the time to share a piece of you and your kind heart!

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