Unanimity Flag – Oneness

This flag is a creation of my consciousness – my desire to see less pain and discord in this world. The “Unanimity Flag©” is part of my best effort to help make this so.

The word “Unanimity” comes from two words: uni meaning one and anima meaning soul, living force, vital energy, power, or principle. Essentially, it means Oneness of Soul, or having the same soul. It implies oneness in consciousness, motive, intent, aim, and purpose.

Twice in my life I have been diagnosed as schizophrenic with over twenty years between the two episodes — once in my early 20’s and again in my late 40’s. It seems that even events such as these can and should be used as vehicles to get to something better.  My personal story like that of so many others had been one of struggle, hardship and heartache until one day I finally woke up and realized that my life is what I make it. I am in control even in the face of so-called tragedies. In both situations, I was successful in convincing the professionals that I was not deserving of the schizophrenic label and I refused to live my life buying other people’s beliefs and best judgments about who I am or should be.

What I discovered was that once I found my own power, and put my faith in something bigger than myself that what I had, and have is a gift and not an unwellness unless I let it be.

One day when I was out on a pass from the hospital, I ended up in a small park in the west end of the city. As I stood there enjoying my temporary freedom gazing at my surroundings, I ended up resting my eyes on a multitude of flags flying in the summer’s breeze of that very hot afternoon. Upon closer investigation, I noticed that there was a representation for each province and territory in Canada. Immediately, the thought that came to me was – “Where is the flag for everyone“? Why do we have so many, many man-made boundaries and fences and walls constantly being erected to keep us all so separate – why are we all flying separate flags?

I believe there needs to be a flag to represent the universe – to represent all of us as brothers and sisters.  We need to work to have emblems, symbols and yes even a flag that will encompass all of mankind – anything that will help motivate us to once again get back to thinking along the lines of the universal good. In my humble opinion, we do not need separate flags helping to pull us apart.

Nothing in this life is permanent and nothing belongs to us permanently and personally. When we can let go and let God – whoever our God might be, that’s when we draw more love and joy to ourselves then we’ve ever imagined even in our wildest dreams.

In summary, as time goes by and I continue to learn how to feel joy and inner peace in my life, I want to continue to do everything in my power to make a difference in this world. I want to offer as much assistance as I can and do my part to bring us all back together once more – to work to have us all working together for the common good of all. I believe if one of us hurts, we all hurt and if one of us succeeds, that at least in a small way, all of us succeed. I believe that the Unanimity Flag© will help unite us and bring us closer to achieving even world peace – the message must be spread!

My hope and dream is to see this flag flying from every vehicle – from every house and building all over the world!

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    1. Thanks so much for your comment – it is greatly appreciated and gives me motivation to write more. And btw, I love your blog. Just read the one on your trip to England – well done!

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