And then what?

My body seems to be breaking down and withering away and in the  process I periodically feel a lot of pain.  I believe it would be nice if the body didn’t decay and if I didn’t have to experience the physical and emotional pain of that process.  So let’s say that my body remained forever young and let’s say that I never had to feel physical pain again, then what?

Right or wrong, I seem to believe that that would make things better but would it really?  If I had a beautiful body and no pain, then what would I be busy wishing for?  Hmmmm, let me think – I would then probably wish for enough money to support myself without worries and to also be able to have fun and at least periodically help others.

OK, I will assume I have great health, a beautiful body, and all the money I need to have fun, and help others – and then what?  What would I wish for then?  Probably that others had the same – and then what?  I think that I would wish that I am never scared and that I was always loved and protected.  And then what?  See, my answer to that really is – I don’t know…

So with what I do think I know which isn’t very much at all, what in reality are the choices that I can make right now?  Right now, I believe that the best that I can do is to have faith that what put me here, gave me this human body, and gave me (and continues to give me) everything I need, is truly in love with me and wants nothing but the best for me.  I have to once again, let go of thinking that I can do a better job running this world, the universe and everything in it, and just embrace the uncertainty that in all truth is what makes this life experience everything that it is. I need to once again re-affirm, that I will stop resisting the creator of this life and surrender to its unconditional love so it can enter this me, this world, this universe on a more permanent basis…

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