Life is Good!

Life is good if I can just continue to understand that it is all a gift to me to enjoy and witness and to just be present with it.  To just allow and surrender all of it to the loving creator – to finally once and for all stop questioning everything and thinking that I know how to do it better than what created all of this.  That is such a heavy painful, burden and I am sincerely releasing all of that “know it all” and “know better” attitude.  Everyone is so innocent and me no less but we, in our lost thinking, have created hell on earth by forgetting how to just be and have faith that everything is always being looked after whether we understand everything or not.  I thank God for my aliveness – for the many, many beautiful things in this world that have all been created for me and every human being that inhabits this planet.  And the only time I get myself in to trouble is when I question what life is and whether or not something should or should not be happening.  I pray from the depths of my soul that I never forget this again!  I pray that I can continue to be the “space” to allow God’s plan to happen and to know that I have nothing to be afraid of ever!

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Author: inlightable

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