The Madness Has to Stop!

It’s not about only protecting my family or your family!  It’s about the world’s family.  I know that each person has his or her own personal story of pain and struggle.  From each of our stories, we can allow ourselves to become blind to what’s really going on.  We can become lost in our own “little” world.  We can succumb to the conditioning that if we do just that, we will keep the pain of the rest of the planet from affecting us.  And then lo and behold, the rest of the world comes crashing through our front door.  Why do you think that this happens to us?  Why do you think that just when you think you are minding your own business and living a good life that some so-called tragedy finds its way into our lives?  Either we lose our job, or a loved one dies, or a friend, relative or partner is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease, or a war in our homeland rips peoples apart and makes our neighbours into enemies.  Or maybe one of the so-called natural disasters – a hurricane, tornado, tsunami, or earthquake, plops itself on our doorsteps.

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And what astounds me the most, is there are so many people that say it’s not my fault and I didn’t help to make that happen.  It’s just life and there’s nothing I can do about it.  What does it take for us to wake up to the fact that we do participate in all of this.  Why can’t we see that we are all so very connected and what we think, say and do each day can effect each and everyone else in our lives.  One just has to throw a pebble in a pond and see the ripple effect created as the stone imposes itself on the water’s serenity.  This picture is a little easier to see because we can see the pebble hitting the water and we can see the water get displaced by it.

Our whole universe is made up of energy and this includes our bodies.  And if you are a “Doubting Thomas” who needs proof of this, you can turn to science to get that proof.  Every thought, every action we take has that same ripple effect in the universe.  And even with out scientific proof, you have only to get quiet within yourself and listen to your inner knowingness to realize that we are but a tiny piece of the whole and yet have a large part to play in helping the world’s people to discover what this life is really all about. It’s all so very complicated but extremely simple at the same time.  It is and will be what we decide to make it!

If we have love in our hearts and good intentions, we will soon discover that we can have inner and outer peace in the blink of an eye.  Alternatively, we have the choice to not believe this and remain as we are, stuck in the emotional roller coaster ride of pain and suffering.  We can deny that there’s anything we can do about it and keep our heads stuck in the sand.   Simply live till we die.  And again tell ourselves – it’s not my fault – there was nothing I could do and life’s just not fair sometimes.  Is it not ironic that taking the easy way out is actually calling to ourselves the exact opposite?

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I get so tired of seeing people hurt themselves – of seeing people striking out at each other thinking that they must only protect themselves and their loved ones.  When we tune in to the fact that absolutely every so-called wrong doing in this world always without fail starts with a simple misunderstanding, with someone feeling that they are not loved and respected, then we can wake up to the fact that no-one is right and no-one is wrong.

Does it really make sense that we are here only to protect the people that we know and love and put others aside unless everything else in our world is going well?  Think about it!

Yes, I do see people at times helping others in need that may be strangers to them, but for the most part that is only if they have the ones near and dear to them looked after.  People seem to think that everything will go well in their lives if they are very careful not to hurt those people.  But they somehow feel justified to hurt or ignore anyone who is not in that circle.  People somehow believe that they will not be affected by the negative actions perpetrated on strangers.  After all, chances are you will not even see those people again and even if you do, you can push then out of your inner circle and not have to deal with them.

We must stop the insanity.  We must wake up to the fact that whenever we hurt any one single person in this world related or otherwise, whether feeling justified about it or not, it will come back to haunt us in one way or another.  Believe it or not, it is really no different than if we are hurting ourselves or our loved ones.  The hurt that is inflicted is just not right in front of our faces. 

We don’t have to have a readily recognizable blood or love connection to a person to have them affect our world.  We have to know and believe this, if we in any way are ever going to find our bliss and keep it for any length of time.  It’s as though we are saying to ourselves, I don’t need my arms or legs or what ever other part of our anatomy that we are cutting off because we don’t think that it is part of us.

This world has been brain washed to believe that everything is about survival of the fittest and competition.  We’ve been taught to believe that it’s a dog-eat-dog world and from a stand-back perspective, I guess it is, at least for the time being.  But we must believe it can change – believe it first and believe it’s possible.  For me, I know that I ended up being locked up in a mental health ward twice because I did know and believe that no-one is purposely hurting another.  I knew that I could not take sides in the middle of a dispute because I could very clearly see that both sides were thinking and believing that they were right.  Both parties involved were just feeling angry or hurt because they were believing that they weren’t been heard and understood.  People end up feeling that they are non-persons unless they can persuade someone outside themselves that they are right in their individual beliefs.  When you realize that is what we are all doing and that none of us really start out with a malicious intent, we can start to make a positive difference in this world.

Think about situations in your own personal life.  I would hazard a guess that each and every person can very quickly think of an example in their lives where they have been caught in just such a scenario.  Situations where you just wanted to help improve things.  Situations where you have believed that what you have been trying to do is absolutely right and other people just don’t get it.  Situations where you have thought to yourself, I am right and they just don’t understand.  Well guess what? The others in the situation feel exactly the same way.  So then what happens?  We allow ourselves to feel disrespected, to feel violated or threatened or tell ourselves that we have a right to be angry.  We do everything in our power to prove to everyone that they are wrong and we are right. At times, we even forget the original intent of the great idea or the loving thing that we started out to accomplish.

We will work very hard to find so-called fact-based information to prove our points of view.  It becomes a battle of intellect to see who can out smart who, and heads can roll in the process.  But really what does it prove?  What does it get us in the long run?  Just more of the same.  More challenges will present themselves where we make a judgment and take sides and then fight some more.

We have so many wonderful things that we can do in this world to wake each other up to the intrinsic beauty that is in everyone and everything.  At the end of it all, at the end of our lives, we want to be able to see very clearly that our lives have not been wasted.  We don’t want another generation to go through the agony and terror both at an individual and global level.

Where I think we have the biggest struggle is in our places of employment.  Each one of us for the most part can get our needs met and feel respected in our homes and in our personal circle of friends and family.  But it is at our places of employment where the tyranny of blindness can take us down. When we arrive at work each day, we usually can start out by being loving, kind and thoughtful until someone or something arises to threaten our livelihood, to threaten our income that sustains our way of life, our children and our dreams.  We are our amazing selves until the ultimate fear of being unemployed turns us into someone else or something else.  Someone that we, at times, don’t even recognize. 

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Why do we allow this to happen?  Why do we not know deep in our hearts that we really have nothing to fear but fear itself.  What is your deepest fear?  Is it that you won’t have food for your family?  That you won’t be able to pay your bills?  That you won’t have a roof over your heads?  That you won’t have nice clothes to wear?  That if you don’t have or provide all of this for someone else that you won’t be loved?  Or if you don’t give this to yourself, your spouse or your children that you, or they, won’t make it?  Or the biggest fear of all, you might die?  In the past, I had discussions numerous times about this line of thinking with lots of people, and they have excuse after excuse about why this is not so. They are very quick to say that they are not responsible for other people’s pain and definitely they don’t cause their own pain.  “And they are not afraid of dying”.

The hardest people to touch in life are the ones that are broken and don’t know it.  Comments such as “I have rights and other people are mean and selfish” or “I am just protecting myself and my loved ones” will often be heard.  Or “I have no idea what you are talking about”.  We each of us will work very hard to keep ourselves blinded to our conditioning and remain in our comfort zone.

And we say that this is just human nature.  We give out criticism on an ongoing basis if we think others are not doing, speaking or acting like we think they should.  We need to wake up to the fact that as long as we continue to act this way, we will not enjoy life to the fullest extent that is possible.  It has been said, so long as we do what we have always done, we will always get what we have always got.

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The good news is that we just have to start to begin to believe that this rut that we all too often find ourselves in can change, and the rest will look after itself.  As Gandhi said, “Be the change that you want to see in this world”.  Together, we can do it.  It just starts with one of us but it is inevitable that it is much easier when there are two, and three, and four, of us, etc.  We need to start now!

We need to stop looking outside of ourselves and blaming our rotten boss, or that person that sits next to us, or that person in another department.  When we choose to see the goodness in everyone, even if with some people, it seems not readily recognizable, we will see it.  They in turn will then feel that they are cared about.  Each person will as a result of feeling understood, and respected, be quicker to act in a similar fashion themselves.

We will not continue to think that it is right to bring ourselves and our loved ones up, by putting others that don’t fit into that category down.  How could we continue to think that this way of being in the world could be right?  How could we continue to allow ourselves to think this way?  How could we keep thinking that we could be justified to just look after our own circle of family and friends?  I know that as soon as I allowed myself to succumb to the world’s conditioning, this was definitely the way that I lived.  I worked very hard protecting my life and my loved ones and my job.  And after being knocked on the head over and over, I finally realized that absolutely everything that I feared most in life kept coming closer and closer.  And everything that I wanted most in life and dreamed about, kept moving farther and farther away from me.

I have always had an inner knowing that I couldn’t just be my separate self.  I often in my younger years would think to myself, how can I just be me?  How can I only look through my eyes and have everything and everyone else be outside of me?  In my mind, it just didn’t make any logical sense.  I found it very confusing and I would spend long periods of time pondering this very question.  And then little, by little, through the world’s conditioning, I allowed this knowingness to be buried.  I rationalized that it could not be normal to think this way because no-one else seemed troubled by what most people seemed to believe was our separateness.

So now you might be thinking, how do you prevent yourself from being affected by everyone’s negativity?  I find myself doing everything I can, with the power that I have re-discovered to always be loving, kind, and to focus on the joys in this life.  I will use this power that I have re-discovered and move through my life for what seems like weeks at a time and then when I least expect it, I will crash.  But I am thinking that even this is a splendid thing if I really get in touch with why it’s happening.  Why did I crash?  What was happening with my thoughts and how and why did I allow myself to be reduced to this state?

What I am discovering in myself (or maybe rediscovering) is that when I work as hard as I do to help others find the joy in themselves, and to help them see things in a different light, it can end up taking a toll on me.  But what is now happening with me as a result of that is that it seems I am able to better recognize that I have something very important to share with the world.  I just need to really listen to my inner voice and what it is trying to tell me.  I think I am on my way to finding more and even better ways to share with others what everyone is doing to themselves (albeit unconsciously) to prevent the bliss of life from permanently taking hold of their whole being.

I have been given the gift of seeing the far-reaching effect negative thoughts and actions have on the perpetrator of each one of these kinds of events.  Not long ago, I took a stroll through our downtown’s main street.  I purposefully paid attention to everyone I saw around me thinking as I saw each person, what an amazing spirit each person is.  I noticed that if someone was looking at me, and I happened to look at them at the same time, they instantly turned the other way so as not to be noticed.  And when they did, if it happened that when they turned to look in another direction, instead looked at someone else, the person that they looked at would instantly look the other way so that they would not be caught staring.  Each person’s glance would connect with a new person and people would one by one connect with someone else all the way down the street.  It was an amazing event to see. 

In much the same way, when we do not choose to see the amazing beauty in life and more than that, recognize the miracle of each person in our life – friend, relative or stranger, then all we are actually doing is setting ourselves up to be viewed in the same way.  It almost seems that there is an invisible action throughout the ether of life either bringing ongoing joy to our lives (if we have that as our main focus) or if not we receive the opposite.  The interesting thing to note is that it is not invisible to me.  I seem to see or know what will happen to people before it happens when they strike out at others or complain about them even if they are not present. 

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People don’t seem to realize that when they accuse, put down and criticize others, they are actually looking in the mirror and talking to themselves.  I will give you an example.  There was a supervisor in accounting where I used to work that was feeling very pressured by a supervisor in another department.  She was feeling extremely frustrated that this person was constantly pushing and pushing to have deadlines met.  What she was not recognizing is that she was doing this exact same thing to her own staff.  And even more than that, she even mentioned that the first chance that she got; she would get back at that person.  Do you see the picture?  It is absolutely a vicious cycle that we can all participate in if we don’t wake up.

So many of us give the excuse to ourselves and others that this is just the way life is in the world.  We say to ourselves that there is nothing we can do about this, and it will never change and we continue to get angry ourselves and/or seek revenge on anyone that crosses us.  We are not only affected by the negative energy, WE FEED IT.  We actually get emotionally and physically sick as a result of this unhealthy atmosphere that we unknowingly contribute to and call to ourselves.  Even more important to note than all of this is what we want most is what we are pushing away.  From everyone’s perspective, all that is really desired is that we are productive and do the best job that is possible.

But instead, because we are all so busy attacking each other and being in fear of not being good enough, or having enough time in our day to do everything that is expected of us, we reduce our effectiveness and productivity to at time almost nil.  We do not think clearly, we start to lose our focus, and find ourselves making mistakes and having to check and re-check the correctness of our work.  Or we do things so quickly, that we are not thorough and we are not reliable in our end product.  No-one is happy on an ongoing basis, and if one person seems to have completed their task, they will start to distract others who are still under the pressure of their deadlines and vice versa.

And now, it is so gratifying that I have learned to believe in myself and my inner knowing above and beyond everyone else in this world.  I know that each one of us in the uniqueness of our personal journeys can discover their own inner knowingness, and use it to travel lovingly through their lives whenever they decide to do the same as I have.  I know that we have come here to do just that.  We have come here to make a difference in this world both through our oneness and our uniqueness which is the ultimate paradox of our being-ness.  When we love ourselves without conditions no matter what twisted paths we may be treading along, then we are also doing that for the rest of mankind.  We must recognize that even the smallest unkind word or action directed to anyone outside of ourselves is no less than you asking someone to abuse you; we will sooner or later change the direction that our lives are taking.  We can bask in light and energy of unconditional love both for ourselves and everyone else on this planet.  As is said in the Bible which for me is not the end all be all, but does have some wise thoughts to share with us, whatever you do to the least of them, you also do to me.  My interpretation of these words of wisdom is just a little different.  What ever you do to anyone else, no matter whom, you also do unto yourself.

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