Life’s Purpose

“What purpose is this life, if it is not to help each other…”

Motivate, inspire — help to find a reason to believe and have hope.  This is why I want to create this blog — this is why I wrote a book called “Betrayal of Innocence, Finding the Way Back to Me”.  For a long time I was afraid to tell my story — afraid that people would think less of me.  I actually lived in fear of people other than my very closest friends and family finding me out and then I woke up — but not until I received my lesson the second time.  I came to understand that my nightmare was going to continue to present itself until I understood the cause and did something about it.

Obviously I can only speak from personal experience, from what I have read and been taught, and what life has presented to me, but I do not believe that I am all that unique from anyone else that shares this planet. To quote a very wise and famous individual — “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself”.

My hope is that what I present here will explain and help you understand what happened to me, why it happened, and what I did with the help of a higher power to turn it all around.  And in accomplishing this, you in turn will be able to learn from my experiences and either not go down the same road, or if you have, you too will be able to find your way back.  I did make lemonade from lemons!

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I believe that a major part of any us getting past any pain and trauma we may experience in our lives is reaching out to help each other –  supporting each other and being willing to risk it all – to find who we really are.

My life is in no way fiction, but it is my “perception” of my experiences.  Some might say that perception is not necessarily reality and that to a certain extent; it brings with it a lot of misconception.  I would probably be one of the first ones to agree with this line of thinking.  But, and there’s always a but, I say that if you must live in a fantasy world till the day you die and you do not hurt yourself or anyone else and you are functioning in society and enjoying your life, then stay in that fantasy world and don’t let anyone bring you out of it.  Be a “Polly Anna” if it works for you.  Later I think you will come to understand more fully what I mean by this.

One of my deepest passions now is to try with all my heart and soul to reach out and help others – to give back what has been given to me.  I know that I have been given this journey so that I may be there to help prevent others from similar painful experiences and I aim to give it all I’ve got. 

It’s not always easy to share the most intimate details of our lives with strangers. Most of us guard our secrets for a life time. But now it’s suggested that we tell our secrets to people whose names we barely know. That’s certainly not the way we were raised, and listening to others reveal their sometimes awful truths can startle us initially. However, we can’t help but notice how much better than us, some other people seem to feel. When we open up our hearts and minds eventually we begin to understand that the more we let go, the less encumbered we’ll feel by the past.

The magic that happens when we risk  sharing our secrets, our experiences, strengths, weaknesses, and hope with others is hard to define – becoming transparent is not a bad thing.  We simply know that when we do it, we feel relieved of our burdens and we can help another person to feel less isolated in the process. We have come together because we want to be well.

I prefer not to call myself a counsellor but rather “someone who is eager to learn and give and receive guidance”.  It is my belief that when two people come together, it is not because one is well and the other unwell.  I believe that generally people are in varying degrees, dysfunctional, mostly due to things beyond their control.  Things such as their conditioning – things absorbed almost by osmosis from the time one is born.  All the experiences and teachers – the negative brain washing that combines to make us someone other that who we were born to be until we learn how not to let this happen.

I read somewhere, and have never forgotten, these wise words – “I am not who you think I am.  I am not who I think I am.  I am who I think you think I am.”

I know that each and every person that finds their way to me, and chooses to share some of their very most intimate feelings with me offers me one of the biggest gifts that one can ever receive.  Without fail, each person that gives me that privilege, not only benefits from my life’s experiences, but also in a dramatic way, I too come away a stronger, wiser and more loving person subsequent to each sharing.

I choose to offer my services free to those that can otherwise not afford it as it is my belief that the “system” fails people when they need it most. I believe that when a person is experiencing emotional, spiritual or physical pain, they usually find themselves financially in turmoil as well. 

Remember, if God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. Janni King

Peace, Love and Blessings until next we meet.


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